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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 26, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news this morning. playing politics. >> d.c. deja vu. a visit call vote today to keep the government from running out of money. on the came pain trail, the republicans seem to be searching for a savior. the americans held in iran now talking about their life in captivity. and an emotional decision by a 62-year-old dynamo after attempting another 100-mile swim. and good monday morning. i'm rob nelson.
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>> and i'm tanya rivero. we begin with a developing story from washington. partisan squabbling could lead to a dpochlt shutdown. >> unless the government can approve a new bill, the government could shut down by friday. >> they put off the vote until today so both sides could spend the weekend cooling off. the republican insiders seem to be unhappy with the current crop of candidates. now they're begging another governor to jump into the race. >> abc's john hendren has the details. >> reporter: calls for new jersey's governor to run could heat things up. he just might do it. new jersey governor chris christy has done all but swear an oath not to run for
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president. >> no, i'm not doing it. not a chance. apparently, i have to actually commit suicide to prove i'm not running. >> there are a lot of republicans out there that want the perfect candidate, that will sweep them off their feet. right now, they don't see that candidate. >> reporter: rumors christy might be reconsidering have been fueled by his schedule. fund-raising stops a long way there new jersey. and then, the sinking fortunes of rick perry. his toughest rival in the last debate might have been his own tongue. >> he was before -- before the social programs. he was far standing out for rover us is wade before he was against roe versus wade. there may be slicker candidates and smoother debaters.
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but i know what i believe in. i'm going to stand on that belief. >> reporter: that's left some republicans yearning for the straight-talking christie, who had this to say during hurricane irene. >> get the hell off the beach. >> reporter: the guessing game continues. the u.s. embassy says one american was killed in an take last night in a building of the afghan capitol of kabul. witnesses report hearing gunfire and possibly an explosion. pakistan may be bracing for a possibly war with the united states. top pakistani army commanders held an unprecedented emergency meeting to discuss u.s. threats.
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officials are said to believe there's a good chance that the u.s. will conduct incursions into north waziristan. the u.s. doesn't seem to be ruling it out. and amajor step guard democracy in saudi arabia. women are being allowed to vote in local elections in 2015. they can still not drive or travel within the country without a male's permission. it's a big day for amanda knox. the lawyers are trying to make the closing arguments to try to get her con vux overturned. prosecutors want the appeal rejected and ask that the 26-year prison sentence be increased to a life term.
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and more than two years since mike m jackson was found dead, the manslaughter case is scheduled to start tomorrow in l.a. conrad murray is accused of killing jackson with a drug used in hospitals. swimmer diana nyad has given up her try at crossing the english channel. after running to key rest, she was clearly disappointed. >> i pictured it. i really pictured it. i knew i could do it. i just couldn't get there. i wanted that feeling to be on the beach so badly. it's just not going to happen. >> a severe asthma forced her to give it up last month. her first try at crossing from
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cuba to florida was when she was just 18 years old. a windy day in the northwest. rain from pittsburgh to cleveland and nashville. showers around chicago, detroit, milwaukee, and st. louis. humid and almost summer like in the northeast. >> 81 in new york. 79 in baltimore. 80s from atlanta to dallas. detroit, 73. phoenix hits 98. colorado springs, 86. 66 in portland. coming up next after the break, will greece's economic troubles bring the world down with it? we'll get the latest report. isolation and beatings. the two men heldly iran for years talk about what they endured now that they're back on u.s. soil. some nous weekend weather. and it's not over y
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there is more turmoil in the international markets today with european parliaments getting set to rule on bailout package for greece. hong kong's hang seng is down sharply in late trading. lama hasan is following the numbers. will the countries bail greece out? >>. >> reporter: good morning, rob. it's unclear at the moment.
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publically, leaders are saying there's no specific plan. some suggest a form of a rescue plan will be introduced. it's large and ambitious. it would allow greece to default on some of its debt. about 50% of its sovereign get. that would mean putting $2.7 trillion into the rescue plan. there won't be a domino effect. they have to make sure it doesn't spread. >> many germans are saying, why should we bail out greece? >> exactly. they're saying we have already helped them out. why do it again? greece is already receiving money from a plan agreed on earlier this year. also, other eurozone member states worrying that taxpayers
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would take much more risk and banks would balk at raising more capital. >> what could happen if greece does default? >> banks throughout europe would be like willing to lose the money they invested in greece bonds. it could be catastrophic. it would worsen the problems in the united states. eurozone countries have six weeks to protect themselves to build a financial firewall against what is looking to be a big problem. >> thanks, lama, live in londen this morning. do you have free checking? enjoy it while you can. 45% of non-interest checking cuts are free. the average monthly fee for one
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courtesy of mother nature. more than a dozen water spouts formed on lake michigan spawned by a mix of cool autumn air and warm lake waters. there were no reports of injuries or damage. >> just where relike to see them, offshore. let's look at the morning road conditions. rain drenches i-95 from richmond to miami. i-20 from south carolina to alabama. and parts of i-10 from jacksonville to new orleans. i-94 from milwaukee to the twin cities. slick in the pacific northwest. if you're flying, airport delays possible in chicago, detroit, atlanta, and charlotte. the two freed hikers are waking up on american soil for the first time in two years. >> after arriving in new york yesterday, josh fattal and shane baaer blasted the iranian
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government. >> reporter: they gave the first gripping details of a long, cruel imprisonment. >> we had to go on hunger strike repeatedly just to receive letters from our loved ones. many times -- too many times, we heard the skreems of other prisoners being beaten. there was nothing we could do to help them. solitary confinement was the worst experience of all of our lives. >> reporter: though treated better than iranian prisoners, they said they were cut off. >> we lived in a world of false hope. they told us our families stopped writing us letters. >> reporter: for the first time, we heard directly from them. >> we don't know if we crossed the border. we'll probably never know. this was never about crossing the unmarked border between iran and iraq.
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we were held because of our nationality. >> reporter: do they forgive the captors? >> we want to be clear. they do not deserve undue credit for ending what they have no right and no justification to start in the first place. >> reporter: for the families, they're happy they're finally home. >> there's a huge burden lifted off of all of our chests. so much joy. >> reporter: they were so cutoff if captivity, they didn't know they were being freed until the morning they left that prison. as for what is next, there's talk of helping to free other political prisoners around the world. why sarah shourd and shane bauer were engaged in prison, there's still no wedding date. a north carolina man is recovering after an ordeal in the desert. wayne krauld for four days after
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he fell during a solo hike. he was inspired to take the hike after a movie. he fell in the same spot. lady gaga has paid tribute to a 14-year-old boy who took his own life after being treated badly because he was gay. he was bullied. >> jamey, i know you're up there looking at us. you're not a victim. you're a lesson to all of us. >> gaga has vowed to take the fight against bullying all the way to the white house. she met with the president during a fund-raiser last night. it's not known what they talked about. it was a busy sunday in the nfl. let's get the latest from espn news. >> good morning.
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cole wright here with your head lines. bill belichick and his pats, hoping to get a 16th straight win against the bills. tipped and picked. by florence. florence and the machine returns it for a touchdown. we're still in the fourth, fourth and goal for the guys with the flying men on the hats. touchdown city. the patriots tie the game at 31-31. three seconds left, rian lindell, his feet are strong. the field goal is good. the bills win it. mariano rivera looking to help the rays cause. no runs allowed by the best closer ever. bottom nine, papelbon.
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top of 14, eljacoby elsbury doi his things. the red sox take the lead and the win. nascar action. tony stewart won the first two chase races. he's got a seven-point lead over kevin harvick. that will do it for this espn news update. for the latest on the sports scene, tune in to the highlight express. thousands of people descended on salt lake city bearing it all. almost all for the cause of their choice. >> participants strip down to panties, bras, and boxers for the utah undie run. they wanted to send message to uptight politicians to lighten up. >> some participants did it just for fun.
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would be short and bald? having a baby changes everything. now a look ahead at the stories we'll be watching this monday. the senate is set t vote on a spending measure that could
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avoid a government shutdown on friday when the current funds run out. the president is selling his job creation bill in california today. he participates in a linked in town hall. he'll have two stops in l.a. mitt romney becomes the latest republican presidential candidate to come knocking at donald trump's door. they're expected to meet today in new york to talk about the 2012 election. american amanda knox is back in an italian court today. they're trying to get her murder conviction overturned. boeing delivered the first of its highly anticipated dreamliner jet. it's got bigger windows and electronic dimming replaces pull-down shades. it can handle a higher level of humidity so passengers won't get the dried-out feeling.
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hello, nor ma jean. mare line monroe like we have never seen her before. >> snapshots from the sex symbol's first photo shoot will soon be up for grabs. more from abc's david muir. >> reporter: she was just nor ma jean back then. a teenager. who had just signed on with a modeling agency. not even blonde yet. she's smiling. posing in swim suits and casual clothes. the american girl next door. she signed a release saying she was 21. though she was just 19 that day. there was no way she could know the stardom that lay ahead. the sex symbol she would become. thanks to movies like "the seven year itch." there would be so many romantic highs and lows ahead and a life that would end too soon. at that moment, the innocence of
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a young girl yet to turn 20. yet to take hollywood by storm. david muir, abc news. >> apparently the photographer has some debt he has to pay off. that's why they'll go up for sale. >> the auction house is not saying how much they expect these to fetch. >> i'm sure it will be quite a bit. all right, finally this morning, the largest surfing competition in the nation for dogs. that's right. about 80 of them hit the wave this is weekend. some of them did wipe out. >> the competition raised more than $100,000 for orphans pets. the winner, a jack russell terrier named buddy. he's taken them to prize 5 out of the last 6 years.


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